Jupiter’s Rooster 0308: Fall of the Gaul

Jupiter's Rooster 0308: Fall of the GaulWith supplies dwindling and the Roman armies at their backs, Spartacus and Crixus make a fateful decision that will take them down different paths.

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One Response to Jupiter’s Rooster 0308: Fall of the Gaul

  1. Chris M says:

    “Capua, shall I begin?!”

    It’s almost too bad that Crassus didn’t arrive to battle Crixus with a 7 foot albino in tow.

    Even though they ended up sending off Crixus with two heartfelt farewells (and a gigantic orgy) I couldn’t help but be disappointed by them, especially the first one. As I was watching the first one, where Crixus gives Spartacus his impassioned monologue, I knew this was intended to be the bookend to the “in another life, you and I may have been as brothers” scene from Season 1, which may have been the most emotionally poignant scene in the entire series. And while Manu did some of his best work in this episode, it just didn’t have the weight behind it I was expecting. Part of me feels like Liam didn’t hold up his end of the acting bargain in this scene and just played it as resignation. A bit more anguish on his end may have helped sell it. Ultimately it was a good scene, just not a great scene. Color me disappointed.

    On the flipside, I was impressed with the parting of Nasir and Agron. This had more of the emotional heft I was anticipating from the Crixus/Spartacus scenes. Since the series already committed Crixus and Naevia to the “going out in a blaze of glory” theme, I thought this was a nice counterpoint.

    I also thought there was a subtle bit of foreshadowing of Caesar’s ultimate fate in the scene in which Crassus beats Mettelus. Violence against a senator? Oh no!

    At any rate, I can’t wait to see what the final two episodes have in store for us in “Spartacus Season 3: Tiberius Rapes Everyone”.

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