Jupiter’s Rooster 0306: OMG They Killed Donar! You Bastards!

Credit: StarzSpartacus and his fellow rebels are forced to flee the walled city of Sinuessa while Gannicus and Sibyl are left behind and must fend for themselves. Laeta is not pleasantly surprised with the role she must play in the bargain with the Cilician pirates. To Tiberius’ chagrin Caesar is honored with a bloody celebration, and we say goodbye Donar. Again. And again.

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3 Responses to Jupiter’s Rooster 0306: OMG They Killed Donar! You Bastards!

  1. Swift says:

    I love the cast and obviously love the show.
    1st. Finally an episode where we see Crassus being the prick history says he is.
    2nd. Finally Spartacus can get laid again!!! Now that Laetia is a slave she’s fair game. There’s no greater inspiration to live than when you have a good woman to wake up to.
    3rd. Sibyl will be the inspiration for something, I’m not sure if it will be good or bad. Saxa gave her a VERY dirty look when Gannicus made that “Gods” remark.

    You got the Lay of the week wrong. It was Caesar fucking Tiberius in the A!!! There was no one who got fucked more than Tiberius. Don’t get me wrong Laetia gets pretty well screwed by Crassus, but at the end of the episode it’s Tiberius who’s curled up on the floor crying,

    Part of the problem in this season is history is getting in the way of the storytelling. We know that Crassus, Tiberius, and Caesar all survive these events. It takes alot of the drama away from any fight they get into, because the’ll have to win. We know that the Rebels have to do certain things. We Know that Pompei has to come and ruin Crassus’ triumph. Like I said, History is getting in the way of the storytelling.

  2. Chris M says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed that at least two actresses were sporting merkins in this episode. I suppose the thing that most surprised me was just how obvious it was.

  3. amadeus27 says:

    This is “American” tv after-all – merkins are certainly “de rigueur!” lol
    Of course I loved the Tiberius fucking Caesar scene! Outstanding!
    It will be interesting to see how they end this story. It is difficult for me to believe that they could not find Spartacus following the final battle since, at least according to Plutarch, Spartacus killed the two Tribunes protecting Crassus. What? He was that close to the center of the fight and then disappeared? That is why I believe Spartacus eventually escaped across the Alps.

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