Jupiter’s Rooster 0304: Caesar’s Wedge

0304As more freed slaves arrive at the walled city, Spartacus and his leaders face new challenges which pit them against each other. Caesar infiltrates the rebels, hoping to further drive dissent among them. Tiberius is subjected to the antiquated practice of decimation as a result of his actions.

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One Response to Jupiter’s Rooster 0304: Caesar’s Wedge

  1. Chris M says:

    One of the things I’ve traditionally enjoyed most about the various incarnations of Spartacus as a show was the subtlety of how they wove various events and plot elements together. For a show that is so bold and brash with sex and violence, and the stark and graphic way it is filmed and lit, this always struck me as a clever counterpunch and really drew me into the show. I think part of my disappointment with this season thus far was that I wasn’t finding much of that cleverness, but this episode went a long way towards ferreting it back out.

    Not only do we find out what the slave girl was doing betwixt Caesar’s legs in Crassus’s villa, but we also find out why Crassus wanted him unshorn. He didn’t simply want a “wolf at his side” as a violent, aggressive, and battle hardened commander: he wanted a rough and shaggy infiltrator that could blend in with the slave army. And it makes the against-type characterization of Caesar so much more easy to swallow…even if the performance itself might be straying into the realm of goofy.

    And while maybe this has been telegraphed for much longer and I simply missed it, but setting up Naevia and her paranoia as one of the fundamental flaws that bring about the defeat of the slave revolt redeems her character arc. Her rebound from what happened to her always seemed far too pat and makes her story much more meaningful to the overall narrative.

    As for all the discussion around the office of Edile, am I remembering correctly that this was the office that Batiatus had been “recommended for” in his blackmail of Glaber and Ilithyia? The same blackmail made possible through the murder of Crassus’s cousin (Licinia), of course.

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