Jupiter’s Rooster 0303: Pirates of the Meditarranean

0303Tensions rise as disputes emerge within the rebel army regarding the treatment of Roman prisoners. With rations dwindling, Spartacus must consider making a deal with  Silician Pirates, though it is difficult to trust them. And Tiberius, seeking to impress his father and gain the respect of fellow officers, makes a costly mistake.

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One Response to Jupiter’s Rooster 0303: Pirates of the Meditarranean

  1. Swift says:

    I’ve been listening to reviews of this episode all weekend, and EVERYONE ( including you) is keeps getting the Ganicus/ Saxa relationship wrong.

    Its actually very simple. He has found a kindred spirit in her. Yes its fun to play with others sometimes, but when its the end of a long day the Woman he wants to be with is Saxa. To him Saxa is like booze and he can get drunk on her. She makes it possible for him to put yesterday behind him.
    Saxa has found “HER MAN!!!” She is all about pleasing him. If you were to ask Saxa what makes her happy, she would say Ganicus’ smile. She knows the secret to Ganicus and its not about the sex, although she’s more than happy to use that AMAZINGLY PERFECT ASS to relieve him of all his… um…Tension and help him forget his worries.

    I want to give my eternal thanks to my ex Noemi, because she was my first girlfriend after I came home from Iraq and with her I found what I think Ganicus finds in Saxa…. Peace after War.

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