Jupiter’s Rooster OS20: Bishop Samwise

rome 0208Herod’s gold has gone missing due to Vorenus’ family turmoils, and it is up to him to find it. Pullo’s marriage is short lived due to Gaia’s scheme. Octavian pledges to do away with promiscuity, starting with his own family. And Marc Antony heads to Egypt.

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One Response to Jupiter’s Rooster OS20: Bishop Samwise

  1. Craig says:

    Great podcast as always. I loved John’s comparison of Agripa to Samwise. That was perfect. I loved the scene at the end of this episode with the huge fight. When everyone was gathering for the brawl it reminded me of the scene in “Anchorman” when all the local news teams gathered for to fight it out. If only Pullo had stipulated that the only rule was “no touching of the hair or face” it would have been perfect. Happy new year.

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