Jupiter’s Rooster OS04: Rome Alone

Credit HBORome stands deserted as Caesar declares martial law while trying to earn the support of the clergy and the people. Vorenus’ attempts to start a new business are abruptly thwarted by Niobe’s past indiscretions. Pullo must reconsider what to do with the stolen treasury gold, and Octavian discovers a destructive secret.

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2 Responses to Jupiter’s Rooster OS04: Rome Alone

  1. Craig says:

    Hey guys, great pod cast. I enjoyed Rome when it first aired and it is fun re-living the series with you. My favorite part of this series as opposed to Sparticus is all the political drama. Its really well done and well acted. It has been fun to compare this series to Sparticus so I have a question for you guys. Who would win in the following fights:

    Sparticus vs Vorenus
    Crixus vs Pullo
    Lucretia vs Attia.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  2. dbates says:

    Had to give up Starz in a belt tightening exercise so I hadn’t been keeping pace with Spartacus, but I’m quite enjoying your thoughtful breakdown of Rome and it has motivated me to crank up the HBO go and follow along. Much like Deadwood and Boardwalk HBO pulls out all the stops when creating these historical settings. It’s a shame that you can just never know when they’ll decide to pull the plug on these big budget serials. I like the hypothetical rumble question between the shows. I’d have to go with Sparticus (either iteration) over a relatively formal and stiff Vorenus, Pullo since he would fight on like the Black Knight in “the holy grail”, and Lucretia, but that last fight would have to be in a mud wrestling format. I’d like to see Glaber (I trust he’s still alive) go toe to toe with Marc Antony.

    Thanks for your polished production.

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