Jupiter’s Rooster OS01: Rome, If You Want To

Credit HBOWelcome to the off-season of Jupiter’s Rooster, where we will be recapping and reviewing HBO’s “Rome!” We’re excited to be back to give our signature reviews and commentary on this great series from 2005. Plus some news on what is going on with Spartacus, and the future of Jupiter’s Rooster. Come in! The arena is open!

“Spartacus: War of the Damned” to be the final season
“Spartacus: War of the Damned” teaser trailer
Steven DeKnight talks about the final season of “Spartacus”
Check out Robin Pierson’s The History of Byzantium!

Download Episode OS01

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One Response to Jupiter’s Rooster OS01: Rome, If You Want To

  1. Warrior Goddess (@WarriorGoddess1) says:

    Awsome ROME first 2 episodes i like this show for its entertaining characters and its storylines. I also like the characters are really intriguing. and the fight choreography is pretty par comparied to some weapons choreography ive seen. But all in all it was awsome and more epic ness to come lol

    your ever faithfull Warrior Goddess
    KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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