Jupiter’s Rooster 2.11: Vindictam Post Mortem

Credit: StarzJohn and Roberto take a look back at “Spartacus: Vengeance”-what worked for us, what didn’t work, and what would we would have done differently. Plus we share your comments and discuss what is coming up next for Jupiter’s Rooster during the off-season!

Stephen DeKnight interview at EW.com

Download Episode 2.11

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2 Responses to Jupiter’s Rooster 2.11: Vindictam Post Mortem

  1. get well john and cant wait for rome in july

    KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. ChrisM says:

    Great wrap up fellas!

    I was intrigued by your discussion around how Lucretia’s arc, especially the culmination of it, didn’t make a whole lot of sense. As I listened to you discussing it, it occured to me that perhaps what the writers were driving at was an arc where she started out in madness, clawed her way back to some sembelance of sanity, and then the abuse by Ashur and the realization that she was fated to be given to him and live a life of torment drove her back into madness.

    While we, as viewers, suspected that Lucretia was always after Illythia’s child, perhaps the writers didn’t intend that to be the case. And that only in her final descent into madness did stealing the child and committing suicide become her plan.

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