Jupiter’s Rooster 2.10: Clean Slate

The finale of  “Vengeance” has quickly come upon us. We bid farewell to many characters, some beloved, some despised. Spartacus brings about the “Wrath of the Gods,” reconciling his need for personal vengeance with his role of rebel leader. We had many shocking moments, but was it fully satisfying? Enter the arena to find out!

Listen to Warrior Goddess’ commentary on the final episode!

Download Episode 2.10

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4 Responses to Jupiter’s Rooster 2.10: Clean Slate

  1. cheflarz says:

    Listening to Warrior Goddess review now before JR, “HAHA” I am going to savor this podcast as it will mark a temporary good bye to Spartacus. Just want to thank you guys for all the work you’ve done this season. I will be listening to the GOT podcast. My friends are worried I’m turning into a Ren. Fair dork, but it’s not so. BTW Magic City looks like it’s going to keep some viewers tuned into STARZ. Great first episode. Stay Gold – Lars

  2. Hello cheflarz Warrior goddess here iam glad you like my review i might do more of em. guys ill Roberto ill follow you to A Game of Thrones as well iam a fan of that series as well and for you cheflarz is if youre getting in to the renassance era i might suggest you look up the SCA Society For Creative Anarchisim it is a group of roleplayers who roleplay with in the 600- 1600 time frame and they dresss up hold parties and tourneys its really fun. and Guys thanks you houner me with allowing others to listen to my commentary. till next time
    KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!

  3. David says:

    Hi guys,

    First off, thanks for another excellent round of Jupiter’s Rooster. Though the quality of Spartacus this season has wavered at times, Jupiter’s Rooster has been consistantly an excellent listen.

    Also, I too thought Roberto sounded like Asher! Whenever listening to the podcast I imagined our Jupiter’s Rooster host was the spitting image of Nick Tarabay.

    Agree with most things said in the podcast and in the comments: it was an entertaining yet disappointing series in comparision to Blood and Sand and Gods of the Arena.

    So much comes down to rushed the nature of this series.

    Consider Varo’s death in season one. The lead up and the repercussions of his death span at least four episodes, with a full episode in which his death is the centre point of the drama. Just plenty of screen time dedicated to it.

    I think the death of Oenomaus deserved as much, and though it was a good sad moment in a gripping sequence; I can’t help thinking it was obscured slightly by the deaths of Glaber, Mira, Lucretia, and Ashur all in the same episode. Plus, if a whole episode is to be dedicated earlier in the season as to why Oenomaus is who he is, then his death should garner more attention.

    As did Gannicus’ revenge slaying of the Eygptian — that fight could’ve lasted longer for me.

    I think more could have been done with the deaths of all these major characters and am a little disappointed they were crammed into one episode — though I did like the death of Ashur.

    Despite the flaws, all the main actors have been excellent throughout, and I am extremely excited to see where we go now, like you said, the slate has been wiped clean.


  4. ChrisM says:

    There’s the Gannicus I’ve been waiting for all season! And it’s about damn time. One of the ways I had rationalized the impact of losing Andy as this season approached was that they had another dynamic personality ready to step in – Dustin Claire’s Gannicus. To say I was disappointed that it took so long to introduce him and that, when they did, it was a crippled, hangdog version would be a massive understatement.

    I’m not going to waste anyone’s time futher dissecting the flaws of this season. They are all well known and have been discussed ad naseum. In recapping the season I can really only say two things – first, I enjoyed the season and will definitely watch whatever comes next. Second, although I enjoyed the season, I can’t help but feel disappointed. As a whole, this was far less entertaining than the prior seasons and it has fundamentally become a different show.

    I hope they knock the next season out of the park, but I have a hard time believing they will ever truly be able to recapture the brilliance of the first two seasons. I’d be happy as hell if they prove me wrong but I am not going to expect it. And, if they do fall short, that in no way diminshes their achievements in those first seasons.

    Thanks for one hell of an entertaining podcast, gentlemen. I look forward to more.

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