Jupiter’s Rooster 2.9: Blood Bath

Ilithiya and Glaber give in to their dark sides, releasing the “Monsters” within. Ashur’s aspirations continue to torment Lucretia, who ropes in Seppia into her plan for freedom. Spartacus leads the rebels through some bonding games, culminating in more united army. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like they can take the heat from the Roman troops.

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7 Responses to Jupiter’s Rooster 2.9: Blood Bath

  1. cheflarz says:

    Thanks for doing this podcast. None of my friends watch this show despite my ravings and this serves as a nice compliment to Spartacus.

    • Roberto says:

      Thanks for your comments, cheflarz! We actually started the podcast in part because we felt like we were the only ones among our friends watching the show. So you are in good company!

  2. ChrisM says:

    In a season in which the Phantom slow motion camera use (or maybe misuse) was starting to become an inside joke (I’m thinking about the almost comical speed up/slow down from the fight scenes in “A Place In This World”) I have to give serious props to what was probably the most effective Phantom shot I’ve yet seen…the arterial blood fountain from Seppia’s neck as it cascaded into the pool. A hugely disturbing and morbidly beautiful shot. Wow.

    I enjoyed “Monsters” quite a bit, but it seemed to perfectly encapsulate this season as whole, faults included: too rushed and compressed, some strangely goofy sequences that appear to have replaced the genuine humor from past seasons, Liam McIntyre shining in the leadership role and falling short in his intimate scenes, a few – but not quite enough – phenomenal scenes with the this season’s Unholy Trinity (Lucretia, Illythia, Glaber), and a giant kickass sequence that goes a long way toward helping me forget some of the previously mentioned faults.

    Every time I see Liam giving a grandiose speech, I buy it. He plays the leader of men to a tee. And while Liam did his finest intimate work yet in his scene with Mira, telling her he was giving her as much of his heart as he had left, I can’t help but believe that scene was written with Andy in mind. A loss still keenly felt.

    Not to dwell on the Liam v. Andy angle, but I’m now beginning to think the producers should have spent more screen time on flashbacks with Liam. This series was constructed as a paean to the character of Spartacus – his life, his ideals, his body – hell, one of the most memorable scenes from Blood and Sand is Batiatus unveiling the bust of Spartacus in his “Hall of Champions” and showing off what a giant dong he had the sculptor hang off of it – that one would think a few more scenes establishing Liam with Sura and as the slave fighting his way out of the Pits to become the slayer of Theocles would have really gone a long way towards easing the transition. Aside from a brief glimpse of him in a victory pose in the Arena and being unmasked during his lovemaking session with Illythia, we have nothing else to work with. Even the flashback to Sura’s death in the training ground was just reused footage that actually had Andy in it. Perhaps another casualty to be chalked up to a shortened season.

    Looking back on it now, I can’t help but be unnerved by Seppia’s arc this season. Gaia met a similarly tragic end in Gods of the Arena, but she was a worldly woman, well versed in corruption and intrigue. Her fate, while brutal and shocking, didn’t strike me as nearly as savage and cynical as that of Seppia’s. On one level it speaks to the theme of casual brutality in Roman society that permeates the show, and how only the strong and experienced could truly hope to survive, but on the other it seems like she wasn’t just a pawn in the story, but also a pawn for the story. Ultimately a touch unfulfilling.

    I’m a little surprised your Trusted Brother, Robin, is calling “Monsters” the worst of the season. In my mind that honor goes to “Empty Hands”. A few excellent scenes in that one, but mostly aimless running, strange decisions, a “red shirt” gladiator being tortured to death, and ending with the whole “we’re screwed! Oh, it’s actually our friends!” trope. “Monsters” goes into my top three of the season thus far – “Libertus” being the, apparently consensus, number one.

    And before I come across as doing nothing but bitching and moaning about this season and how much I miss John Hannah and Andy Whitfield and Spartacus now sucks and always will and stop saying mean things to me and I want my mommy…how about Nick Tarabay this season, eh? Gods do hate Ashur, but his performance has been brilliant. My only regret so far is that they haven’t given him even more screen time. Even if that means nosing his way even more frequently between man and cunt.

  3. David says:

    Hi there,

    Just a small point, did anyone notice Gannicus saved Oenomaus’s life? I had to rewind the scene twice to see how Oenomaus got out from the Egyptian’s grip, but Gannicus comes in with a flying kick to the rescue.

    I felt like that should’ve had slightly more screen time as it probably solidified their regained friendship. But I think perhaps a few things were rushed in this episode, like Agron and Crixus making up.



    • ChrisM says:

      Yep, Gannicus definitely saved Oenomaus” life with his Flying Kick of Doom. Take that, Egyptian!

      I agree that should definitely help repair their relationship, but I found it odd they were acting as though the rift was already mended after their sparring match with Crixus and Agron. They could have made the end of that scene a little more begrudging and then let it spill over into the last episode where Oenomaus recognizes the debt he now owes to Gannicus. Oh well.

  4. Just watched te finale. More epic than I expected. Can’t wait to record this final episode!

    • David says:

      Excellent double bill tonight: Spartacus finale hits tv screens in the UK, right after Games of Thrones season 2 episode 1 airs.

      Then a fantastic double bill of podcasts: Jupiter’s Rooster and then Roberto and Robin’s new podcast.

      Life is good.

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