Jupiter’s Rooster 2.7: Cup O’ Brains

By reciting the “Sacramentum,” Glaber amasses Seppius’ former forces, and instills fear among the populace with the threat of crucifixion. Spartacus and Agron free a clutch of German slaves, but where do their alliances lie? And as Ilithiya and Lucretia’s plots get more desperate, Gannicus makes a crucial choice.

TV Guide interviews Katrina Law (Thank you, Warrior Goddess!)

Download Episode 2.7

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3 Responses to Jupiter’s Rooster 2.7: Cup O’ Brains

  1. David says:

    Hi there,

    Another great podcast.

    Just one point I wanted to make this week, which I thought about after this episode and which has been echoed by a reader of the TV Critic’s review. I think Sparticus the character is actually becoming quite marginalised, in regards to screen time and the individual conflicts (not physical fight scenes) that occur during each episode. Sparticus hasn’t really been at the centre of an episode since the beginning of this season.

    I would say Liam McIntyre is doing an adequate job with the Braveheart type speeches, but I just don’t think he’s had that much to work with. In this respect, I still don’t think we know what he can really do with this role and how he compares to Andy Whitfield, though I am reluctant to compare him to Andy as it doesn’t seem fair.

    Also, I am getting a general feeling from comments on the TV Critic’s discussion board (and possibly from Robin Pierson himself) that this season is not as good as Blood and Sand, though no comparisons yet to Gods of the Arena. How do guys feel it stacks up?

    That being said, I have really enjoyed this season.

    On an unrelated, Robin mentioned you guys might do a Game of Thrones podcast together, which would be similar to Jupiter’s Rooster. I hope you do it as I think it would be fantastic.

    All the best


  2. Ty says:

    Wow – fun podcast! I checked this out thanks to Robin Pierson. I don’t have anything clever to say at the moment, but you’ve definitely got a new fan. It should be fun catching up. 🙂

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