Jupiter’s Rooster 2.4: You Say Vesuvius, I Say Viagrus

After escaping the mines with “Empty Hands,” Spartacus and his companions are being hunted down in the forest by Glaber’s men. In Capua, the political machinations are in full force as plots and schemes are revealed between Ilithyia, Albinius, Lucretia and Verinius. And the lives of Crixus and his accomplices lie in the balance.

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3 Responses to Jupiter’s Rooster 2.4: You Say Vesuvius, I Say Viagrus

  1. David says:

    David from London here. Thanks for another excellent podcast. I really enjoy Roberto’s recaps and all the insights on the show you guys give.

    Regarding the fight scenes, though I am loving the new series on the whole, in general I don’t think the fight scenes are nearly as good as in Gods of the Arena or Blood and Sand. The set pieces in the woods with Spartacus are another example of fights scenes being a little too much slashing swords, quick cuts and exagerrated spurts of blood, and not enough edge of the seat stuff.

    At no time have Spartacus or anyone else felt like they were in imminent danger, unlike the street fight with a blindfolded Galicus, when he used the wedged sword to cut the guys throat, or Spartacus taking on the six fully-armed Roman soldiers with a wooden training sword in season one.

    Hopefully the return to the Arena will see a return to form for the action sequences, as the Roman caste politics and tension between the freed slaves continues to be excellent.

    Keep up the good work guys!

    • hey david Warrior Goddess here you mean gannicus and I believe and think that the fight choreography/ sequences have evolved greatly since the show started look at it this way ya the arena fights were awsome and all but what theve done is expanded 10 fold on it by creating these great big epic battles that still bring in the rules that they use in there combat style
      just sayin is all Warrior Goddess

      • David says:


        Yes, I do! Thanks for correction.

        Those are really good points you make, so maybe I just prefer the one on one stuff we’ve seen in the arena and everything else in the first two seasons.

        I just like the detail of the previous fights. It just seemed it generally took a smart or skillful move (often a counter) from someone (generally Crixus, Spartacus or Gannicus) to defeat the opponent. Plus, I just found them more gripping, as it always seemed our heros were a lot closer in to death in those scenes — though of course they never were going to die.

        So as a result, my favourite skirmish so far this season was when Oenomaus defended himself in that alleyway against the three guys who recognised him from the arena. I enjoyed that arm-break move far more than anything Spartacus or Crixus have done so far.

        Either way, still very much enjoying this season.

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