Jupiter’s Rooster 2.3: Split Decisions

A lie for “The Greater Good” leads to a split among our group of rebels, Praetor Glaber takes a big gamble with Verinius and Senator Albinius, and Ashur’s conniving words lead Oenomaus to reveal critical information that could expose Spartacus and the freed slaves. Another densely packed episode with a cliffhanger ending!

Download Episode 2.3

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One Response to Jupiter’s Rooster 2.3: Split Decisions

  1. Craig says:

    Hey guys, great to hear you discussing real episodes again. Episode 3 is an example of why Sparticus is a great show. This episode did not have alot of gratuitous sex or violence, but it had really great dialouge and acting. The mine scene was really tense and the ending was heartbreaking. To see Crixus get his girl back just to lose her again was tough to watch. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks for the great podcast and always remember, “An empty hand can still make a fist”!!

    PS: Roberto, I loved the part of the last podcast when your kids interrupted! Keep them in as regular parts of the show.

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