Sharpening our swords…

Happy New Year! We’re getting ready for the return of Spartacus! The first episode of “Spartacus: Vengeance” premieres, Friday, January 27. We will be recording and posting our first podcast on Sunday, January 29. Like many of you, we are eagerly anticipating the new season. Until then, check the official Spartacus website for previews and updates. If you are new to Spartacus, check out our back catalog for our reviews and commentaries. See you at the arena!

– Roberto

01/23/2012 UPDATE!!! The premiere episode of “Spartacus: Vengeance” is available online! Go check it out at the Starz website!

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2 Responses to Sharpening our swords…

  1. Mystērium says:

    Having watched the season premiere religiously for the past week, I’m confident to admit that this episode is a good effort in return to form even without Andy’s presence (as sorely as we all miss him). Unlike many in the interwebs, I believe it is till early yet to judge Liam’s performance, so far his approach services the story. I for one believe Liam should shape his characterization of Spartacus as his own while the story continues to unfold; for what purpose would it serve to stand in the shadow of another? To be fair, it was much the same for all involved in the beginning episodes of Blood & Sand before hitting their stride that made the 1st season so EPIC! I’m curious how the current crop of villains will eclipse John Hanna’s masterful role as Batiatus… We’ll have to wait and see! I for one am hopeful and will reserve judgement till the end of the season. WELCOME BACK SPARTACUS!

    On a side note, for those amongst us needing to satisfy a particular itch for other adventures of Spatacus in the House of Batiatus (figuratively speaking… you’ll see) may be interested to pick this up. I’m reading it now and will throw in my 2 cents later.

  2. Mystērium says:

    Hey guys, if you’re still curious about the pulpy adventure in SPARTACUS: SWORDS AND ASHES; I’ll tell you now it’s more a story of Batiatus outside of his villa rather then being a Spartacus centric story in the arena. If you can get over the fact that this story takes place between the 5th & 6th episode in the 1st season, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a fun read. J.M. Clements certainly has a grasp of the characters from Batiatus exclamations of cocks shoved in ass to the visceral battles for privileged nobles but the author falls short in delivering jaw dropping underhanded machinations.

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