Jupiter’s Rooster 1.15: Loonicus Toonicus, Part II

With great disappointment we finish our recap and review of the last two episodes of Spartacus Blood & Sand: The Motion Comic. We get a little more background on Barca, “The Beast of Carthage,” but nothing that we didn’t already know. We also learn the origin of Theokles, “The Shadow of Death,” though it proves to be less interesting that we’d anticipated. All in all, the motion comic leaves us wondering: what was the point?

Download Episode 1.15

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One Response to Jupiter’s Rooster 1.15: Loonicus Toonicus, Part II

  1. cool well yes iam back muhahahahhahhhahhahahhhahhahahhaha but the last 2 episodes in the motion comic i do agree were pointless. like i understand the story and all but i was offended by how margo treated barca just cause he didnt want to take the oath. and i was offended cause i have a brother who is gay and he is always trying to prove how manly he is to our father but he is treated equally with me and our older siblings. but i do feel sorry for barca. and showing theocoles as a misunderstood giant/ monster was ok and all but it would have been nicer to see the other events that made him the shadow of death. from what i read into was that steven denight was the writer on the motion comic series and from what i seen i am guessing is that they were only allowed to make a small amount as to see if it gets many likes toward it but i do agree they should have done these differently.
    iam looking forward to seeing the granddaddy film. the stanley kubric film. spartacus but i think you should do the movie in 2 parts.
    are yiou going to whatch the 2004 version movie of spartacus.
    well night and KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your faithfull Warrior Goddess

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