Remembering Andy

John and Roberto take a moment to share their appreciation for Andy Whitfield and for the work he did on “Spartacus.” We also share comments from our listening audience.

Lucy Lawless and others share their thoughts on Andy Whitfield’s death.

Starz pays tribute to Andy Whitfield.

Please consider donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which provides funds for much needed research in the battle against blood-borne cancers.

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One Response to Remembering Andy

  1. hey hey guys warrior goddess here life is good i really enjoyed listening to the remembering andy cast last week. we truly lost a great and nobel warrior but i do agree we must give mr mcyintire a chance to bring a differennt take to the role of spartacus. and i think that cause andy gave blessing to name a new spartacus was a good thing but yet a bad thing. well on to more greener pastures the cast of spartacus seems to be taking a liking to Liam and is giving him space to bring his own personality to the role of spartacus i cant wait till the disscussion on the season 2 trailer and the comic con panel. and other interviews i have seen but thanks for the awsome tribute to andy, may he rest in peace and peace be with his family and us the fans.
    your ever faithfull warrior goddess

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