Andy Whitfield 1972-2011

We are shocked and saddened by the news of Andy’s death. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends, especially to his wife and children.

We are planning a special remembrance episode. We invite you to share any reflections and feelings so we may share them with our listening community.

Rest in peace, Andy.

Andy Whitfield 1972-2011

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3 Responses to Andy Whitfield 1972-2011

  1. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa are poor Andy Whitfield he was an amazing spartacus he brought a new liking to the famous story and at the loss of a great and beautiful actor who brought his game. Andy had such an impact on the acters and the character of spartacus as well as us the fans hearts. thank you little warrior you will stand a colussus in this life and the next. may you rest in peace.
    your ever faithfull warrior goddess

  2. He made Spartacus seem intelligent, courageous and likeable. It’s so sad to lose someone who gave such pleasure to so many.

  3. I was terribly upset when I heard the news. Andy was the soul of the show. His portrayal of Spartacus was the grounding agent among all the sex and violence. My prayers are with his family. It is unfortunate that the role of Spartacus made him famous and he couldn’t see it through. I hope he realized how many fans he had. Liam certainly has some large shoes to fill. Andy Whitfield, you will be missed at the Ludus!

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