Jupiter’s Rooster 1.14: Loonicus Toonicus, Part I

We take a look at the first two episodes of Spartacus Blood & Sand: The Motion Comic! We learn about the gladiator Arkadios, who stands “Upon the Sands of Vengeance” to exert his revenge upon senator Albinius, and get further insights into the dark and twisted origins of the “Shadows of the Jackal,” The Gargan Twins.

Download Episode 1.14

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2 Responses to Jupiter’s Rooster 1.14: Loonicus Toonicus, Part I

  1. hi guys warrior goddess here. i thought the motion comic has a very interesting style to it and it follows a diffrent greek from athens Arkadios.
    1st episode
    remember the first episode of spartacus blood and sand, the red serpent, the gladiator who points his sword at our hero thracian Spartacus and basically gives him a no worded signal of “your mine” right before he does this he was practicing with his men. in the battle he was the first to die under spartacus’s sword.
    by the way in the first shot of barca looks nothing like our barca but yet the comic gets the likeliness of the other characters.
    2nd episode
    we ll the story is thru arkadios’ eyes and how he sees the events even thru death cause arkadios needs his vengenance for both his family and himself.
    i totally agree with you this rape scene is so much more graphic than that of what weve seen.
    ludovic weve never seen nor heard of solonius’s doctore. such a gruesome battle then the champion from the house of batiatus crixus and yet spartacus defeats crixus and arkadios will not be free from this world as long as spartacus lives his vengenace will gop unfinished.
    ya second was not as strong as the first.
    your faithfull Warrior Goddess

  2. By the way the senator Spartacus killed in the season finale is senator sextus

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