Jupiter’s Rooster 1.13: Return of the Thracian

Holy crap, we made it to the finale! All hell breaks loose in the house of Batiatus with Spartacus leading the revolt. The time has come to “Kill Them All” as Crixus, Aurelia, Mira and the other gladiators jump in the action. John and Roberto share their reflections on the “Blood & Sand” finale and we tell you where we are going from here!

Get ready for our next episodes with “Spartacus Blood & Sand: The Motion Comic!”

Download Episode 1.13

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2 Responses to Jupiter’s Rooster 1.13: Return of the Thracian

  1. Craig says:

    Great podcast. Its fun to listen to you guys because you love talking about Spartacus and it shows. Your conversations are the same type of conversations that I have with friends about the show. I appreciate John’s take on Blood and Sand because he is watching it fresh. I remember being blown away by the finale and completely satisfied by the way everything wrapped up. You forgot to mention one thing about the finale. One of the coolest conversations took place between Crixus and Doctore during the final battle: “Crixus! What is this madness??” “This house is without honor. Spartacus shows us the way!”. Awesome scene, awesome show, great podcast. Keep up the good work.

    • Roberto says:

      Thank you so much, Craig! We’re glad you enjoy the podcast and that you are such a big fan of Spartacus as well. We’ll make sure to point out your comments in the next episode!

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