Episode 1.3: Do It Again

John and Roberto revisit the “Legends” of the arena, discuss Spartacus’ cockiness, and lament poor Varro’s state of (sexual) affairs.

Download Episode 1.3

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One Response to Episode 1.3: Do It Again

  1. Warrior Goddess says:

    you boys are safe from my wrath. yes cock count that is quite acceptable. and the tatto on Naviea’s shoulder is her actuall tatto. i wont killyou alll just those who anger me!!! cock count for this episode is 4 times.
    i notice that like the bond between Spartacus and Varro resembels that of Brothers and loosely resembels the bond between Gannicus and Oenamaus. and Crixus didnot have large feelings until this episode where he states that Naevia did not come into blooming(his notice) untill 3 moons ago. the hole is like a sewage tank in where all the shit andd garbage is sent. it is funny with varro he is alwys picking up spartacus is mess.
    on facebook after the second episode of gods of the arena facebook launched the spartacus game where you are a dommina or domminnus of your own ludus and lucretia, batiatus, and doctore popup every so often to tell you something important. and you can buy, sell, and costumizie your gladiator with differennt weapons, shields, and armour you can even get special items and it is a fun game you get to battle your friends and work your way to the top by gaining influence and experience points
    KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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